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Totems over time is a Timeless collection of ornate Installations which describe the idea of shamanic culture. I was part of the team which designed and executed this collection. Vision was my contribution to the collection. It comprises of elements of varied nature few of which were Metal, Glass, Precious stones, etc.  


Shamanic 4.1_page-0001.jpg
Shamanic 4.1_page-0002.jpg
Shamanic 4.1_page-0004.jpg
Shamanic 4.1_page-0003.jpg
Shamanic 4.1_page-0005.jpg
Shamanic 4.1_page-0006.jpg
Shamanic 4.1_page-0007.jpg
Shamanic 4.1_page-0008.jpg
Shamanic 4.1_page-0009.jpg

Ⓒ All Designs displayed above are Property of Klove Studio.
Reproduction and Usage in any form is not allowed without their consent.

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